Emma Kindall

 there are words at the back of my teeth
video projected into a 14 in  x 20 in x 9 in box
surrounding structure is 4 ft x 5.5 ft x 3 ft

“Sometimes when I wanna understand my pain I look in the mirror and I ask my body where it
and I see it in my chest
and I cupped my hands and pulled it out and rounded it in my hands for a while
and I put it above my head and pretended it was on a string. I was underneath it
and I broke it
and it went all over me. Like, I took a shower in it essentially.
It was her love. It was exactly what I needed
and I realized
I probe the world like a water balloon
hoping it will break and what will be inside it will be the love I need
I'm learning we may need to learn how to love her to be able to love ourselves”

Text message from my sister, September 2015

This work is about her leaving, creating a mythology surrounding her imagined return, realizing she couldn’t, mourning the loss, and returning to her instead.